Thursday, November 03, 2005

Join The Osgoode Public Gardeners Team!

The Osgoode Public Gardeners Team (OPGT) maintains the public garden located in the Osgoode Park. Karen Fuoco and Mary Ann Riley manage this team.

The Osgoode Public Gardeners Team is comprised of vollunteers who show up at the garden to weed or plant when they feel like it! Most of the OPGT show up on Wednesday evenings because that is officially known as "Weeding Wednesdays" for the OPGT.

On "Weeding Wednesdays", the gardeners can weed in good company and exchange gardening know-how. Within one short and entertaining hour, the weeding makes a huge difference to the garden. Our Osgoode Public Garden is one out of only two of the City of Ottawa's park gardens that is maintained by vollunteers! This is both a rare and special garden. Karen Fuoco and/or Mary Ann Riley are usually there on Wednesday evenings and are happy to answer gardening questions. Some people only vollunteer for a day or for a specific event. Any help is greatly appreciated and if you are interested in gardening with the OPGT, please email Karen Fuoco at:

NOTE: The Osgoode Public Gardeners Team is separate from the Osgoode Gardening Club, however, there have been occaisions when both groups have been involved together on an event.


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