Sunday, October 23, 2005

2005 Garden Photos

The 2005 growing year was awesome! In Osgoode, there was heat and there was rain in all the right amounts. We did not water at any time this year, relying 100% on mulch to keep the beds moist. Since Osgoode soil is primarily sand, we use only "tripple Mix" (1/3 black peat, 1/3 good topsoil, 1/3 mushroom compost). It is loaded with nutrients and retains moisture. The beds are created on top of the sand, thereby allowing for excellent drainage.


At 11:14 a.m., November 03, 2005, Anonymous Karen Fuoco said...

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At 6:45 p.m., November 03, 2005, Anonymous JP said...

Looks like you might be using some xeriscaping? How do you determine what plant "should" go with another?


At 12:35 p.m., November 04, 2005, Anonymous Karen Fuoco said...

Your question is such a great question that it inspired me to write about the xeriscaping that we do in the OPG. Please refer to the latest posting called "Creative Xeriscaping in the Osgoode Public Garden". I hope this will answer your question...and more!


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